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About Nobodyz

Proud Grandma
Nobodyz takes pride in grandson

Lyricist, Composer (instruments: voice, keyboard, guitar, harmonica and violin), Published as Poet over 2 dozen times, Honored by Who’s Who In Poetry in 1990, grandmother, mother, computer geek (software: setup of both O/S’s and free, reliable & reputable security and basic computer maintenance), fiction fan, lover of movies, and collector of film scores among many other things. That’s the short story. A longer one would include: visionary, philanthropist (works, not money), Mensa member, and English major.



4 thoughts on “About Nobodyz

    1. You make me laugh, Lori! I keep running into this one and thinking “Now why did she write that?” That is when I realized my saying “I’ll get to the super long story another time” was perhaps less than totally honest. Truth is, I would share it with you, Lori, because I know you face to face. I won’t be writing the “super long” story of my life on my blog. Just am not that public a person. 🙂


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