Do not protect young allow predators of our species

I’ve had a haunting question pestering me for nearly a month. Here’s a simple background to it: Hillary Clinton has 2.6 million more popular votes than Trump. The Electoral College does NOT vote until December 19th, 2016.

So here’s the question: Who, exactly, decided that Donald  Trump won?


But, for the sake of discussion, I would like to lay aside that fact for the moment.

Why is it that we have literally over five hundred people who “represent” us, both Democrat  and Republican, and not one of them aside from Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have either the balls or the ovaries to call this what it is: the rise to power (as opposed to election) of a psychopath who is unfit for office?

Where are the Congressional Democrats who so strongly supported Hillary Clinton?

Yes, I realize that on the federal level Democrats are outnumbered by Republicans in both the House and the Senate. But does that mean they just sit there? Say nothing? Question nothing?

We, the People of America, see, nearly every single day, more evidence that

  1. If we voted for Donald Trump, he is reneging on nearly all of his campaign promises BEFORE he’s even sworn in
  2. If we voted for Hillary Clinton, she won, but no one is doing anything about it except the third party candidate, Jill Stein, who has at least asked for a re-count. (Not that one is needed, when Hillary has 2.6 million plus more votes for POTUS than Donald Trump has.) Where are our Democratic representatives? Why are they not (at least half of them) screaming at the top of their lungs, “Hillary Clinton won!!!!”
  3. If we voted for a third party who obviously did not win, why is there no one but Bernie Sanders saying that Trump is unfit for office? That his “policies” aren’t policies at all since they change with his mood and whomever last tweeted him?

Is anyone else wondering about this? If so, please comment, give me links, anything.

The young folks have been actively out there protesting, God Bless every single one of them for their bravery and patriotism, saying #notmypresident! I bless those who have been so actively hollering about the elephant in our living room. I bless them. But what about our “representatives”? I do not believe Democrats in Congress give a shit about us. Otherwise, they would be planning impeachment at the first opportunity after Drumpf is sworn in. I can only hope they are planning this in secret, but their behavior tells me they are not doing that. Again, God Bless any and all who actually ARE speaking up, including Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and other celebrities like Ralph Nader and Noam Chomsky.

But it takes more than a handful of people to run our Congress. There are a total of 535 Members of Congress. 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. And I can count those standing up to the bully trying to take over our country on one hand?

Does anyone else find this not only reprehensible, but completely unacceptable?

One friend suggested to me that the reason is that “billionaires” stick together. Well, I might agree if it weren’t a fact that Donald Trump has been viciously antagonistic toward “old money” millionaires and billionaires. He is not in their inner circle. Do some of them hope to get goodies from him? Of course. I’m not completely out to lunch. But do they not see how out of control this man is? Do they not wonder why, after 30 days of 30 Security Briefings Donald Trump was invited to attend, he only attended THREE? Do they not quake in their boots when he suddenly decides to make a u-turn because someone upset him on Twitter?

Furthermore, why do they expect him to “begin acting Presidential”? This man is 70 years old and the median age of Congresspeople is between 57-61 years old. Can they really be so incredibly obtuse as to believe a zebra will change it’s stripes?

I’m no one special, okay? I’m just an older white chick who never got a college degree and worked blue collar and barely white collar jobs all my life. Yet I see the absolute absurdity of this, that of over 500 people who are paid highly to represent We, the People, only two are standing up yelling about this insanity. So what exactly is going on?

It seems it’s time for Americans to stop paying their taxes en masse. How else can we fire these people who do nothing to protect our right to expect a person we voted in to at least not completely reverse their decisions before they are even sworn in, or to point out that actually the popular vote has a lead of 2% over the “announced” “President-Elect”?

If you have ideas, I’ll listen.