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to kill a college kid

By the time this is posted I’ll be leaving my home in two weeks. All my best friends are here. My family is here. My pets are here. I have lived here my entire life next to my trashy neighbors and their kids. I’m going to miss it.

I’m not necessarily moving away. For my junior and senior year I’m going to an early-entrance-to-college program where I get an associates and high school degree simultaneously. It’s only 40 miles away from home, but boy, ain’t it going to be different. No more high school football games. No more stressing over the same classes that I have with my friends. No more midnight Perkins runs. No more Buffalo Wild Wings, the movies, and climbing up trees and walls with my favorite human beings in the world. No more.

Sure, I can see each other on holidays and weekends. But once I say goodbye…

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