2015 Instant Generation Can’t Comprehend Permanence of Posting

Okay, I admit, I have a particularly nasty itch to bellow and sermonize about, so I’ve taken to my blog to do so. Many people do, so I’ll be drowned out, but it still is nice to have my say. And also very nice to know it will be saved, somewhere, for posterity. Maybe even quoted in part until the problem is mostly solved.

I am BEYOND SICK of people complaining, whining, correcting or outright harassing other people who respond to “old” posts. And of course, “old” is usually a few years. And I do mean just a few, less than 2.

Furniture of my grandparent’s day lasted generations, the same with stoves and refrigerators of my parent’s day. That used to be a top selling point. Remember the Maytag man? Bored because there were no repairs and no re-purchases of the same item because they worked so well? Now, it seems this generation doesn’t comprehend that there is anything worthy about something that lasts. (Really frightening if you extrapolate that into their relationships, which I’m not going to get into here in this post!)

POSTING IS NOT INSTANT MESSAGING. Forums, blogs, posts online are more permanent things. Far more permanent. The way trolls act, it’s obvious they think their comments will never been seen, counted and accredited to them, personally. But – like videos of some poor college or high school girl out partying who’s been drugged by predators then videotaped being forced to do things she doesn’t want to do – posts LAST. For a long time. Perhaps not forever, but we don’t really know that yet.

Really: Why is it so important [those of you who do this] to point out how OLD a post is in order to make null the commenter you are harassing? Aren’t YOU, YOURSELF older than the post? Does that make YOU null and void, worth throwing away? If the post is less than 18 years old, it’s likely you ARE far far older than the comments made on a post that is say, 4 years old or 9 years old, or even 15 years. And what does it matter? Posts are a more permanent way to get ideas out into the world. The people so obsessed with stopping anyone from answering “old posts” must believe that libraries, old buildings and perhaps even old people should be destroyed.

Get your heads out of your seats and try to get your head around the idea that writing online is instant only at the moment of posting, but that it resides long after you’ve left your keyboards. It may even last longer than you, yourself. We don’t have a “Way Back Machine” for nothing.


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