This author has put into words (and researched as well) what I’ve been trying to say since 9/11.

Arbitrarily Moving About the Room


Americans have a problem. Well let’s be honest, we have a lot of problems, but I believe that the increasingly terrible short term memory of the American brain today is by far the greatest factor regarding how easily misinformation seeps through into our socio-economic or political discussions within our society. There is just too much going on with our (social media) lives to remember important historical events that correlate to current events and it’s so much easier to blame all of our economic or social issues on the current presidential administration. It’s a lazy cop-out and frankly I’m fucking sick of it.

People also seem to think that the massive mess left behind by our last president would easily be fixed by the time Mr. Obama leaves office, something he repeatedly made very clear wouldn’t happen during the ‘08 campaign even if he was elected to two terms (Or you were just…

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