Some people abuse Valium. We don’t make Valium illegal. Marijuana is not illegal because of any kind of concerns of abuse.

Because Big Pharma has control of all money to be made off Valium the only way the Feds (in bed with Big Pharma) will allow Marijuana to be legalized federally is if the “contract” is handed over to Big Pharma. Then they’ll hand it out like candy. If you doubt it, look at the way the Federal Government jumped on the band-wagon with the State of California to “sin tax” unrelentingly tobacco cigarette sales in that state. When California tried to pass a law legalizing marijuana for any uses, the clause within the law included a contract for Big Tobacco to take over the growing and manufacturing and sales of marijuana cigarettes. In fact, that is the reason I voted against it. It would wipe out a very healthy  “cottage industry” or what we see as small businesses in order to make those who are rich already (Big Tobacco) richer. None of this has a mite of concern for our health and well-being in it.

The thing about Marijuana is that it is NOT physically addicting. Perhaps it can become psychologically addicting, but addiction according to the most successful rehabilitation programs is a “disease”. In other words, the problem is inside the person who is addicted, not in the
substance or activity that person is addicted to.

After all, with as many people as have been addicted to and abused prescription medication, none of those have been made illegal have they?

So, it’s not about concern for us.

It’s about concern for Big Pharma’s bottom line. And also in turn, the bottom line of our Federal Government: money in THEIR pocket.

For a current example of this, look at the sin tax history on legal tobacco cigarettes. The state of California makes 54% of the money off each pack of tobacco cigarettes purchased in the state of California.

And yet, the State of California proclaimed in 2012 that it is now a “smoke free state”.

Learn the difference between propaganda and truth.