This was a rather frightening experience for me. I recently received an email from AT&T U-Verse, a company that I just got services from, and at the bottom, I found this:

AT&T — 1050 Lenox Park Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30319

So, curious me, I did a Google map search on the address. And this is what I found:

Address:1050 Lenox Park Boulevard Northeast Atlanta, GA 30319

With the following user review:

Overall Poor to fair
This place is a dump. Paper thin wall, people let their dogs poop on the side walks, high crime (cars broken into all the time), the staff do not seem to care when you have a problem, people play their music loud all the time. I hate this place and I am moving as soon as I can. Not worth the money.
What I find so disturbing is that I would actually THINK, gee, maybe this is a throw-away address the global corporation known here as AT&T uses. That is not my usual way of thinking and yet the levels of corruption we’ve seen since all earmarks for funds and regulations were stripped during the Bush Jr. years seems to have affected us all in some way or other.
This is mine. It took me a while to realize the difference in the addresses.
Though there is still that tiny bit of skepticism.
I do not want my grandchild/ren growing up in a world where they truly cannot trust anything or anyone.
So how do we teach them what is real?