"I find no comfort in exclusivity. Everything good in this world we were meant to share;
with each other and with the teeming miraculous life on this fertile earth.
Instead, my brothers and sisters destroy as much of it as possible … every single day.
I find no solace in being a lone voice, howling to the moon and not being heard by my own pack.
Neither do I find comfort in being "rare" because I see these things and they break my heart.
What little comfort I had in not being alone,
I am saddened to watch dying off every day with the death
of yet another talented artist/prophet.
Looking around, I am convinced that no one was listening.
I hope to God I’m wrong.
Dear Reader, please, make me wrong. "

"You can change the world. Change the World." –Michael Jackson

— S.S. Carpenter
©July 2009. All Rights Reserved