Credit isn’t so certain a thing anymore, yes?

Well, silly, when was it?

Credit is all based on the future and your certainty that you will make/create x amount of money to pay off y amount of loan.

Please, stop being so in love with money. Money is like a battering spouse, male or female: it controls you, not the other way around. Money determines every breath you take, until you leave it for good. And the only way to do that is to stop being in love with money. It not only corrupts, it destroys.

"Yeah," you say, "You don’t have to tell me that, Nobodyz. I already know that!"

"Yes," I answer, "NOW you know. But you’ve chased it so long, how will you stop the habit?"

Silence? Good! Perhaps you’re open enough at the moment to consider a suggestion?

Here’s my suggestion:

Treat money like a fire that is always about to "catch". Treat credit like throwing petro on top of it, or gasoline, if you like.


Don’t just respect it, have a little fear and MUCH control.