I always wondered why those words were so close, and what made them different. Actually, there is only one letter different in each: H and T.

H aving been enslaved,  T ake your freedom back.

Spirituality isn’t something you can box. No, not big boxes either, like buildings.


Spirit is elusive. Something like … wisdom. Age alone doesn’t guarantee wisdom. It is built, over time, with many experiences, good and bad. And a certain amount of Paying Attention.

Being "happy" all the time is a very lopsided way to live. The psyche can’t cope after awhile, and flushes this imbalance into the brain; where irrational thinking takes root.

I know. I was deeply involved in a church/crutch for 16 years. I left it in 2003, and found myself very angry. I had to go detoxify.

Spirituality is to be found … well, everywhere. But one must seek it out; constantly. It is underneath, in-between, hidden from the easy glance. One must sometimes look in odd places, like page 36 of a newspaper way at the bottom or hidden somewhere in the middle. (This is only one of millions of places it can be found.) A line here, a paragraph there. Sometimes just one word.

Then, it has to marinate, in the dark solitude we call the mind’s "back burner".

"When will I get to see this spirituality!?" you may demand.

You already have some. It’s on the back burner. Take it off the burner and look at it. Notice it’s got some new ingredients? Spices? Words that string a new-to-you idea together?

No? Then go to bed. Sleep. Dream. It’s got to have the darkness, dampness and warmth a little longer.

You woke up with an idea? Slow down. In fact, stop altogether. Notice it. Repeat it. Write it down. Learn from it. Now you have a tiny bit of espíritu … spirit. Spirituality is when you combine spirit and every day living. You must now apply it to something to have spirituality.

A lot of work, you say? Well, of course, sweet human soul. Things of great value are not common. They are rare and often difficult to find — unlike the SUV on your driveway or your compadre’s driveway.

But spirituality feeds you, nourishes you. Shows you a path, a light, a direction. Not just a road to drive down. A path and direction for your Life.

No, not how to make more money. But maybe, how to think of everything else. Spirituality feeds, nourishes, changes, tranfigures how you look at your world.

It is the "priceless" that Mastercard can’t buy. Even Mastercard knows that.