If the atrocities of

the Vietnam War

can be seen on a wall

so long

most people can’t

walk it’s full length

in one day …

What will the atrocities of

the George W. Bush


look like?


With Guantanamo Bay,

presidentially-approved torture,

the loss of citizen privacy

and the loss of too many

hard-won rights to list,


yet another "ill-advised" war

this time, with Iraq

that’s now lasted longer than World War II …

What stone monument will be built for this?


And the Press will have

"new" things

to "expose"

for generations

to come.

Why did they not expose it at the time? Like, now?

That should make for several mini-series

but essentially, they had nothing to lose

and everything to gain.


"J.F.K." the movie, came out 30 years after it occurred.

This is only part of the way it’s certain

that no one will be around to dispute

the Media’s conclusions

about what "really" happened.


Guess this era’s political sins will come out long after I’m dead and buried.


All we have now are our "Anne Frank"-like diaries

otherwise known as Blogs.

A word to the wise:

Keep track of them.

Especially those who write knowledgeably about 2000-2008 in the U.S.A.


History depends on it.