The wisdom of a good mother is precious.

The wisdom of two good mothers is priceless

and a bulwark.

I reject the “divide and conquer”

mentality of those who

manipulate to their

own ends.

I embrace free flowing conversations,

fun and enjoyment

with those who live honestly.

All of my life, I have had to sift people

toss the bad, keep the good.

It’s an arduous process, and not all are easy to define:

so many are in the middle.

But I sift, eventually.

Life is too short to waste

wallowing in self-denigration

encouraged by manipulators,

when validation is a phone call away

peace is a meditation away.

I know the flaws of my offspring now

and my offspring chose a good match

they have their life

and it is SO not mine!

They’ve lost out on the wisdom of two good mothers.

And I?

I am free: free of regrets, free of responsibility (my offspring being 27 years old),

and free of bondage to chaos.

I am, once again, fully me.

And now I become the Mom that orphans may need

even in adulthood.

As my true Mom, my adoptive mother, was for me.

I pass the torch to the next generation that is willing to live honestly.