Define "illegal" alien.


Were our founding fathers and their armies "illegal aliens" when they landed on a continent already peopled?

Actually, now that I think of it, I think they might have been. Especially since they made war on the people who already lived here, and there were many, many nations.

What were immigrants? Were they illegal aliens as well? I suppose at some point between landing and getting their citizenship papers, yes, they probably were.

Are we a welcoming country who says "send me your poor, your downtrodden" etc and "I will lift them up"?

Or are we building an Iron Curtain of our own?


I don’t know. I only know my feelings sway in many directions, but mostly in heartbreak. It is not on the shoulders of those now arriving in America that our debt is so great. It is on both, we citizens and those in power, that we are in this mess. We ran up the debt, not the newcomers.

I bet if E.T. landed in the wrong spot at the wrong time, he’d be considered an illegal alien…and worse.

I do wish we weren’t so xenophobic. I say "we" because I am sometimes very much this way. I wish I could change that. Perhaps there is a way. I will look to those who wish to lead and see if anyone there might know how to change it.