We HAVE been beyond death

we just didn’t realize it

because we didn’t perish.

Both the heavens (outer space)

and the depths (oceans)

lack the life-preserving oxygen

             we require to not die in either place.

We have created "Oxygen Tanks"

In both heavens and depths

we have traveled beyond

what normally would certainly kill us

and found the mind boggling

size and emptiness

of the heavens

and the tremendous

teeming life

and profound pressure

of the depths.

That is what is after life; this life.


I’ve put in a request to be a dolphin next time around.

I want you all to know

that far beyond understanding you

and your words

perfectly clearly

As dolphins, we have all


been human.


We FEEL you, man!


And we’re trying to teach you

that the one most important job

you have in this life

is to continuously

improve on your abilities

to communicate fully.


And we hope, someday

you will learn to hear us

and understand us, as well.


And most of all, we dolphins

love being dolphins

do not want to be human (again)

and still love you guys!



– Quote from dolphins around the world.


Post Script:

Heaven is beneath our feet.

As per usual, we have it backward.