“Graciousness is shown by what you don’t say,
even if what you could say would be true.”
Total Forgiveness by R.T. Kendall

source of photo and quote beneath: http://airmiles.wordpress.com/2007/06/page/2/



We have slowly,

but most certainly,

replaced "graciousness"

with "generosity".


Both are good values.

But one is much higher in value.


Where generosity can be proud

graciousness can only be born of gratitude


That’s why BBC’s graciousness

has a definite time limit

Grateful to see you arrive, sorry to see you leave

only if the visit is less

than 2 minutes long.

(Maybe that’s me)


It would be generous of me to NOT say

that’s only the tip of the iceberg with her

It would be gracious of me to say

that the truth is,

she taught me

to gravitate away

from those who don’t like me

QUICKLY! (Thanks BBC!)


Unfortunately, it taught me

only to focus on

what the OTHER person’s reaction was

and not my reaction to others.


The only people I was SURE of

BBC’s reactions about

had either strange taste

or great endurance and loyalty;

to my father, I believe.


Of those, they were all either

"too much" or "I don’t know about them!" to BBC

(those are the two, very distant extremes

decoded for your understanding)

Because there would be those passing looks

quick winks; rolled eyes, or even a contorted mouth

that looked like the contents tasted

about as good as dog poop.

And that was how she emoted about the ones who stayed.


Priests got a longer leniency time.


But they fell from grace at the


they knew what BBC was up to

and they no longer showered her

with praise or accolades.


So BBC had only 2 friends in the 19 years I lived with her

and uncounted priests as "holier friends"

Until they caught her.


I, personally, was toast

in her eyes

by age eight.


But true graciousness

has no time limit and no requirements

because it comes from within

and is urged into the light

by the wish to do so

of the person who is gracious.


Oh, to have more

than a cupful

of graciousness

in life!


I finally figured out how to do that.

Be gracious myself.

It goes well with kindness

and that’s something

I do not lack.