Music was my first truly sacred ground.

I learned to compose so I could fill in the times

I was not allowed music with my own music.

Making music, – no matter the "recording quality" – is sacred in my life to this day.


My second truly sacred ground came much later.

After first 19 years, then 16 more years, deeply inside organized and socially-acceptable cults,

this sacred ground was hard won

from the hands of these oppressors

I ripped my mind and soul

back to own, myself.

Owning my soul and mind is extremely sacred ground to me.


My third truly sacred ground

came from the person who first

awakened me from my slumber

in the second cult …

Oh, I was already angry… ANGER for me, is always an indication

that my toes (or more) have been stepped or stomped on

Even if it is my outrage at

another’s toes being trampled (or more)

Because I have ALWAYS seen others as part of me

and me as part of others.


That soul who awakened me

has a name: Wolfie

The Original Wolfie on Yahoo

(who’s toes were trampled by someone who,

though perhaps inadvertently, or perhaps consciously,

stole Wolfie’s name online in 2001)


Wolfie led me to my third sacred ground:

Real and Awake Relation with Another Human Soul.


I have had many lovers, even 2 spouses, prior to

Wolfie’s appearance in my life —

–all of which left me lacking for any pure communication.

I had in fact, abandoned the quest.


Wolfie became a part of my life over near daily contact over

a period of 5 years before I understood the

sacredness of the ground both our feet occupied,



While certainly both human, and thus, flawed;

we put all our effort into truly sharing our lives

from inside ourselves to each other.

By trusting AND inquiring for clarification

in order to ward off one of the "bad guys" in many relationships:

"interrogative questioning".


We dare to disagree

in order to maintain the most sacred ground:

our own respective beings.


And in order to maintain our

shared sacred ground

we admit, and own

our truly individual

rights and wrongs

and the universe that lies between.


Then, and only then,

we choose cooperative compromise or

singular capitulation

only if it resounds as

truth within us.


We never run out of things to talk about

with this recipe.

Even when life is dull.