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Romance is when we focus

solely on the sweetness in life

It is the chocolate bar

of the soul

Or maybe the chocolate-covered cherry truffle

of our lives.

Love truly glues life together

Lack of it as an infant

can actually lead to physical death

That’s how important

the dessert of life is: love and connection.

It can’t sustain us in a vacuum

We can’t have a dessert

without first having the

“meat and potatoes” of life –

-or dessert becomes the meat and potatoes

and life is unbalanced for us.

But after the main meal

oh how sweet is the dessert of romance!

Why else is it so common

that we make love at night

after the day is done?

It is the crowning glory

of all our accomplishments

or of our persistence to hang in

that we sometimes, are lucky enough to enjoy.

Would you not fight to keep

someone from stealing your piece of cake or pie?

Then HANG ON  to the romance

~~ the REAL stuff ~~ in your life.