We fear innocence

because we fear change.

Oh yes, we do fear it.

Innocence cries out "that’s not fair!"

and some part of us recognizes

that is true;

then our heart breaks

in a single second

When we realize we can’t make things right enough

so that innocence doesn’t have to cry out

"That’s not fair!"


And in our caving to powerlessness

in making the decision to give in to the Giant Unfair

most of us live under

We break the innocent one’s heart

by saying what bullies and fear mongers want us to say:

"Well, that’s just how it is, kid. Live with it."


We can do better than that.

We can side with innocense

And see our world as it really is:

Man Made.

Which means, we CAN change it.

Join voices and cry out from within the innocence that still lives deep within

for simple fairness, goodness and kindness.

Be a Founder.