First, to Miss Almquist, my 3rd grade teacher:

Thank you for praising and encouraging my

tendency to articulate;

you started it all.


To Don Comfort, my 8th grade History teacher

who left for Tiberon

and broke my heart:

Thank you for the inspiration

to compose my first 100 songs.


And with very fond memories

To David Eugene Burmester, my 10th grade English teacher

Who freed my hand to write again

in so many ways.

Thank you for sharing the deep, abiding and amazing love of

your wife and every last one of your many children;

you helped me see a whole new world

I never knew existed in the non-fiction world.

[May you and yours enjoy to the absolute fullest all that life offers.

And to Mr. B’s children: Enjoy every morsel of Life, exactly as it is

for that is what your father bequeathed you according to the laws of Nature.

May you each be blessed.]



And finally, for the energy and will to write, yet again,

at the end of the afternoon of my life

I must give thanks to all the artists of Soundscapes

a television channel of new age/earth/world music;

you have loosened the final knots of my particular "cage"

and allowed me to struggle free as a writer.

My heart felt thanks to all of you, for inspiring the give Mother Nature handed me

of a great desire to communicate.