Waves caress, play, laugh, giggle, dance, crash and boom,

break things, withdraw

but always in motion

except for the rest at low tide.


(Sounds kind of human: busy or drama, we’re moving until we sleep for a bit.)


Waves like these are found at the edges of oceans made of salt water.

We are, physically, more

salt water

than any



This leaves me to believe

that what makes us "ALIVE!"

is also present in the oceans of the world.


What the hell doesn’t "intelligent life" have over "life"?

Why the obsession with determining that the only value we can give

any life that we deem "worthy" or "meaningful"

is intelligence?

We are surrounded and engulfed by Life.

We can never fully separate each part of it.

(Thank the gods, we can’t! Everything would be torn apart and we wouldn’t know how

to fix it.)


What are we so scared of?

Why are we so frightened of the idea that, perhaps, ALL life forms are truly meaningful?


Still not convinced? Then I’ve a question:

What, only snobs count?