Have you ever known someone who did something wrong and you knew it,

and so did they, and you understood why they did it?

And, as a result, you didn’t blame them, though you still know what they did was wrong?

That’s where "accountability" comes in.


Being accountable has been my sweet freedom.

Freedom from having to judge, blame, condemn

Freedom to own my own actions, without having to work out blame and guilt.


When I stand up and say "Yes, I did that … "

I may feel proud or despondent, and/or flooded with nostalgia or regret.


The freedom is that the truth is out.

Truth, such as accountability, cannot be argued with: it is fact.


So once taking accountability, the next step is: "Now what?"

We move on.

I may be appreciated for what I did (or not); I may pay for what I did,

or be forgiven the debt

(far easier to pay than to be forgiven!)

but it all moves the story of my life forward.

I don’t have to be mired in blame or guilt.

It’s been taken care of as best as can be, humanly.


With the grounding effects of being accountable

comes the freedom of letting go of the need to vindictively blame.

It doesn’t mean I have to become blind to that which is wrong,

it means I don’t have to have a melt down over it.

It is faced, dealt with.

I can’t control what others do or whether they take accountability,

but I can make my little patch of the world a whole hell of a lot nicer,

simply by being accountable for my life.

One less thing to "worry" about.


It is the one who won’t own their own life

who is most likely to be trapped in judgement, blame, vindication, guilt and remorse;

because no punishment of another is enough to "pay" for what you, yourself, will not own.


It would be like trying to wear the clothing of someone a different size than you;

it doesn’t fit, so it doesn’t work.


More judgement isn’t the answer, my friend.

Re-learning responsibility by way of accountability

by owning your own life

is the way to Freedom.