PREFACE: I realize that if one mentions "death" in our society one must either know someone who recently joined it, or be accused of being "obsessed with death". If one entry makes that true, then I must be more obsessed with Life!


I was thinking:

My generation has switched (for the most part)

from sodas to warm drinks like coffee or tea, and water is a necessity.


That’s because we need the humidity, frankly. One does tend to "dry out" a bit as one gets older.


Perhaps it is the beginning of death?

Something we don’t have to fear, but we can slowly amble toward it?

It would make sense.

Considering the fact, that after a time, we eventually become dust.

All except our structure – our bones – which, if neglected long enough will turn to dust as well.


Death isn’t so sudden, sometimes, as being in a fatal accident. Some of us survive into

old age and amble toward death. With that much warning, it becomes something to rejoice about.


"Why?" you may ask.

Because with that much warning, you can begin to live with more


Of all of it.

You begin to see the hilarity in the awkward moments of your life;

The deep love in the deepest grief;

and the best part, the most exquisite morsel —

Is the Wonder that returns.


Maybe dust is a holy thing — all dust.

It is representative of every tiny flicker of a moment throughout our lives.

Sooner or later, we’re going to discover that living leads to dying and get over it.

Do all living things create the crust of the Earth we call "dirt" ?


Seems like Google Appointment time!