The mountains cradle and protect us.

The plains give us the freedom to run and dance and play.

The lakes and rivers quench our thirst and cleanse our bodies.

The wind caresses us

The trees sing to us

The night calms us

And the moon and stars tell us bedtime stories.

And in the morning, the dawn awakens us,

too cheery and bright,

the sun pulling our eyelids apart

and singing out "Wake up, sleepy head!"




After all we have done to her, Mother Nature still loves us and loves on us.

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow.

I want to find a way to thank her and spend some time with her.

I wish I could spend that time but everything mankind has created to "help" me, has made the distance very long

between where I live and where Mother Nature lives.

My sadness over this feels like it’s fathoms deep.

So far is this distance, that Mother Nature and Father Wind don’t know how sick I am.

I know that if I could go there, they would only ask me why I didn’t visit sooner.