Do you ever want to just

get away from it all?


Not the planned vacation

six months from now


But Escape … Now.


I know.

Nearly all our visions of ‘escape’

are clouded with dark meanings

like "addiction" and sloth.


What if I told you

there is a secret journey

you can take … every day?


Even any Time.

(But that kind takes years of practice or extreme trauma to perfect.)


There is a land where you can understand

all languages and customs

and most important, all meanings.


The land is inside you … within you.

For some it is a whole world

For others it is a valley, a lake, a thicket.


The things your heart, mind and soul truly desire

are all there …

… laid out like precious jewels at your feet.


You can pick them up


You can be in this land

and enjoy all it’s fruits.


You just have to get past two guards:

Fear and Belief.


Fear and Belief in the worst ideas you have

including that there is, somehow, no worth in you.


Fear LOOKS scarier but is far easier to bring down

(just hook a heel around the back of his left knee, and he goes down quick)


But Belief

is a much more challenging foe.

However, her overcoming is direct; just not easy.


Convince Belief she must just "sit tight"

that you’ll be right back.

Don’t wait for her answer

make your journey inward.


Don’t worry

When you return, even if hours later

with the precious jewels

she will forgive the long wait

and embrace the glittering treasure

laid at her feet.


And your beliefs become authentic.