Digging out of a hole

is not the same

as digging a hole.


One is done standing above ground

the other, starts underground.


When recovering from anything:

a surgery

an addiction

the loss of a loved one

(to name just a few)

THAT is "Digging Upwards".


It is much harder work.


Covering the hole by saying "You should be over that by now"

sets the person Digging Upwards, back.

It’s like throwing dirt in their face

since they are in the hole, trying to come out.


So don’t be surprised when that saying that insults someone.

Would you not be insulted

if someone threw dirt in  your face?


Find out where a person is standing

before you judge when their work

"should have been done"

especially if your experience

has been only

either digging holes

or filling holes back up.


If dirt should come flying at you

from seemingly nowhere

Just alert the person

who is Digging Upwards

"Hey, that shovelful landed on me!

Did you know that?"


Nine times out of ten

the person digging upward

will be startled

pop their head out of the hole

look around

and say

"Oops! Sorry!!!"


Just stand back.

Give that person some room.

They can’t dig themselves out of an early grave,

keep themselves alive,

AND keep an eye on you at the same time.


Whoop and holler that they

survived possible death

and are working so incredibly hard

to do better than that:

to Dig Upwards.