If I were to assert that no one can take a man’s manliness away

most men in America would scoff, deride or ignore me.


Even though it’s true.


source: http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/freeradicals/?p=144


Posit: Can anyone take a woman’s womanliness away?

Can a girl become a boy SIMPLY because someone

calls her a "boy" or says she isn’t "girly" enough?

Result: No. Impossible. Can not be done.


Let’s have some equality for the men here.


Brothers, amigos, mates, homies;



man or woman

can take away your manliness

without your consent.


You are equal to women, not less than, true?


So why shouldn’t you be awarded (and award yourself)

the same absolute right to Being a Man?

This is from cradle to grave.

To change your gender from man/male,

you must actively and consciously and repeatedly

search out and give your consent

(not to mention pass many tests and have major SURGERY!)

to change your gender.


So you are, if you so choose, a Man. Always and regardless.


To become more, (not "other") is called:













i.e. anything you want to ADD to being a man.


To keep this equality with women, you need to:

1)     Agree, as a group [to]

2)     Liberate yourselves in this basic way:

3)     No man accuses another man of not being fully a "man" in any way.

        That is the most heinous crime any man can commit on another man,

        no matter the depth of that crime’s expression or shallowness of it.

        It should be verboten amongst you.

4) If a woman accuses a man of not being fully a "man" she is a Fool: bring her up to date.


We are all  … first … Human.

After that, we are individuals according to our individual strengths and weaknesses.


Commit to this.

Claim your rightful place as Real Men

… every single one of you.


No "earning" required for this simple fact: you are  always a man. Period.

But you do have to choose, and sometimes earn, the rest of who you are.

Enjoy that part!