"Deschericestry": Descent. Heritage. Ancestry.



I need to say to those with colorful and angry/bitter labels for specific types of people,

one important sentence:

We already named this: it is called ‘Human’.


I wonder if our linguists, instead of creating categories, work on

the longer, more complex – and certainly anything but linear –

descriptions of one … word … at … a … time.


Since I live in the Western Hemisphere, I have to

slow down

and notice more.


Interestingly enough, when I do so,

the definitions in the dictionary make more sense.


It’s really meditation to read a dictionary,

as well as enlightening,


and astounding.


If you’ve never sat down and browsed a hard copy

of a collegiate or larger, dictionary,

try it sometime. Be sure to actually read

a couple of definitions of words you know.