John Serrie’s music is often played in Planetariums due to it’s amazing other-worldly sound and texture, not to mention, beauty.

But for the "other worldly" movie Alien, James Horner scored the music.

Why didn’t John Serrie score Alien?

Because what was needed was not a true feel of other-worldliness, but an exclusively "human" perspective.

We fear these "aliens" we create, because they mirror something in us that we scare ourselves with,

not because we’ve actually met a creature such as the one in the movie Alien.

Though perhaps, in a way, we have: in our fear.

Seems to me that John Serrie should score movies about outer space exploration if his composing is appropriate for Planetariums.

But … we can’t really do that until we view space as a friendly, and not hostile, place.


Thirty years of Star Trek, and many still don’t get it.


I, for one, believe the universe is a very friendly place;

though I’m certain there are species within it that are not,

as proven by the human population on Earth.

Perhaps it is as mixed as we are:

some good, some bad, a lot in between.

But oh wow, the beauty!