Red Skelton July 18, 1913 – September 17, 1997

Red Skelton was known for many wonderful things, perhaps the least of which was his idiocyncratic pronunciation

of the word "show" as "shew" in his introduction to all his shows.




Waves ripple, lapping gently along the shoreline

A lone gull cries overhead

as the massive deep blue black clouds

gather to the west.


On the cliffs, majestic and defiant of the sea, golden-yellow grass waves around in the wind

The never ending clash between rock and water below

Seems to have an exact rhythm.


The air slowly becomes pungent with moisture

The wind picks up, and small grassland creatures stop; look around;

Then dash for unseen homes burrowed into the ground in some well-hidden place.


A hush falls. It is Mother Nature’s theatrical curtain rising before a story begins.


We feel it. If we get quiet.


Find your seats, ladies and gentlemen.


If we get quiet, we won’t miss the miraculous and marvelous show

on the biggest screen in the world:



and Sea.


I have not seen the ocean in over 7 years. These things happen every day somewhere in the world.

Have you looked recently? And if you can’t get there, have you remembered it recently?


Welcome to the Shew.

Don’t miss it.