Artwork of Stephanie Shimerdla



What do you do when people you care about

give you less attention than you need from them?


I’m learning a new response: go within. It matters not if their gift is too small.

It matters not if my need is too great – the answer is always the same:

Go Within.


The truth is that there is a continuous flame of life and a fountain of tranquility within each of us.

If it weren’t so, neither you nor I would be alive, as the flame would be out.

On the other hand, why would our bodies and minds go on vacation 6-8 hours a day

when we sleep and dream if there wasn’t a fountain of tranquility and peace within?

I use quiet, gentle music, and pen and paper, sitting on my bed; the softest most comfortable seat in my home.

I have to work a little at quieting down at first. Eventually it clicks in, though.

I don’t chant or burn incense, but that might work better for you.

When I was younger, I’d drive to the beach at sunset to take in the wonder.


Find your real-life resting place;

trust that the flame in you is strong

and the fountain IS there.