I do have an issue with one race: the human one.

We could be so much more authentic, yet we move more and more to the shallow and the surface.

But that is only my surface problem with the human race. The real problem is much darker than that, more "shameful".

My biggest issue with the human race is that it doesn’t agree with my perception of how it should behave.

What ego-centric babble!


My healing lies in my acceptance. Not my condoning, just my acceptance.

Though I dig in my heels, shaking my head in a silent and somehow ear-shattering "NOOOOOOOOOOO"


See, with everything in me, I want to live in a world where EVERYONE is kind and no one has EVER harmed another.

Our most radical written history, what is often called the "Holy Bible" gives a portrait of that state of bliss lasting about one to three days.


Suddenly, I’m a conservative.

I’d say it has lasted several hundred thousand years, all the way to now.


I got the gene or whatever it is that makes me kind. And I know others, personally, with more of that gene than I have.

So it has survived. Some of these people I want to shelter in a bubble so that they are protected, others I am amazed and inspired by.


But, we have at least one, absolute, common denominator:





I guess I want to live in rare times, not interesting ones.

And every day my heart longs for that time to come.