What if there IS an after-this-life life?

Why all the focus on perfecting and perfection? (human ideas of these, anyway)

What if …


… the next life is as confusing and amazing to us as this one was when we started it?


What if we don’t "forget" between lives (as the reincarnationists would have us believe)

As much as they are so different that all our knowledge from this life is useless in the next?


What if the only "higher state of being" is the one we choose; here, now, in this life?

Perhaps that is behind the nearly universal and common drive to believe in "heaven" or a "resting place".

We sense there should be calm, rest, peace.


And we commonly believe that either action or thought (Christianity to Buddhism) will bring us that higher state of being.

When there is consensus across borders and cultures, even religions, it strikes me as having the great possibility of being at least, very important.

Maybe our thoughts and/or actions are vitally important

But not for the "afterlife".

For here. For now.


Maybe this is our test:

Do we embrace the deepest values with their inherent struggle and joys

or do we embrace the most surface possible: material goods and money?

A wise psychologist I know often said:

"Maybe it’s both/and."