I have to do most things my way, but not for the reason you may think.

I have to because it’s the only way I can understand and comprehend a situation or a complex set of actions.

It has to make sense to me, or it doesn’t "log" in my brain. It remains non-sense to me until I am enlightened.



When I venture out into the world, most things don’t make sense to me. Like, why not standardize room and office sizes?

I do comprehend the answer I’ve been given for the last: the boss has to have the humongous office; the BIGGEST.

What I still don’t understand is, why?

Isn’t making 4 to 10 times more money than anyone else in the company, setting your own hours, having power over everyone else in the company and being respected in your community for your position, ENOUGH?

Question: When does luxury become greed?

Answer: When luxury is not enough.

Same thing goes for power as for luxury. And money. And ownership.

The problem is, when the top isn’t enough, where you are isn’t "okay" and therefore there is no contentment after a great achievement. Greed causes depression at a moment that should be joy filled.

When those who attain great social status or income and give back to their community in same quantity freely, that’s the definition of "balanced and healthy".

"Not enough" at the top is the hopeless addiction of insatiable greed.


Which world do you want to live in?