It is not a poverty to be unknown.


Our greatest celebrities tell us it’s one thing they often long for in daily life and cannot get. They starve for the freedom of being "nobody" but in our present world that would be ruinous to what we all perceive as their "success". We’re stuck.

Being obsessed with one’s club, as a caveman, is no different, by itself, than being obsessed with one’s car or computer. 

The next step up the ladder of changing the world and seeing the world change might be anonymity and giving freely. What way can you give anonymously today? It doesn’t have to be huge OR perfect. I just blogged some thoughts from meditative practice today. It is for someone, in particular. That I don’t know who it is for, has no bearing on the possibilities of healing, insight, or just a merry laugh, for the person it is for.

The short form for nobody is "I". The short form for somebody is "you". Always. No matter who you are. And we don’t need to know "who it was" or we spoil the surprise bag of groceries on someone’s doorstep. If you are driven by gratitude, don’t give back to the person who gave freely to you. Give a little energy to someone today whether it’s by action or attention.


Signed, your  slightly-less-crabby recluse,



Post Script: To me, recognition, like acknowledgement need not turn into worship, (and worship or fanaticism, is a perversion of appreciation) mere appreciation through passing on your own gift is the greatest payment I could wish for. My country has ills that must be healed, and healing those ills is far more important than a thousand, or even one, cheering fan to me.


"I’d like … Peace On Earth and Good Will Toward Men" -Whistler in the movie Sneakers (played by David Strathairn)