"I’m sorry. "


Don’t tell me not to say that. You refuse a chance for healing … both of us …when you do that.

If you’re too hurt, just say you need more. Like "Hey, ‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t cut it" or "Hey, ‘I’m sorry isn’t enough. I need more.
That’s my signal that I owe you.  Restitution is less often money and far more often an action.

Mend the blanket you tore. 

If you don’t know how, don’t hire someone else to do it. Learn how yourself. Your restitution only has as much healing power
as the energy you put into it. Be sincere. It doesn’t just heal the person you harmed or slighted.

That’s Restitution’s Great Secret: It heals you too!

You may say you don’t need healing but there’s a bitterness present in anyone who refuses to make accepted amends
or receive sincere amends.

In those situations, restitution washes the bitterness, and the reason for it, CLEAN.

Try it in a small way, at first. When someone is upset that you didn’t hold the door open for them, it’s their cry for love.

Some people crave an awful lot of love. Pity them. There’s a big hole in their "bucket". For some reason, those people are unable
to hold onto love, no matter how much is poured into them they’re empty afterward. Comfort those people.

Above all, re-learn the art of "I’m sorry" and then DOING something to show your sincerity. Be kind. Be genuine. Believe in the genuine kindness that resides in you.

I believe in it, and I believe in you.