They’re always there. I just have to find a way to get "quiet" enough to hear them.
We all know that quiet place



For some reason we often fear it. We’re afraid of silly things like there will be emptiness! As though we’ve never experienced that before
and survived it.We are afraid we will be bored. Or that we’ll constantly list everything we think we SHOULD be doing. Use an alarm clock.
Then face it AWAY from you. Think of it as playing "hooky"; that’s what I do. There is a delicious revelry in playing hooky.
So figure out how much time you can try just once at least a half hour 2 hours is better. Put on music. Sit down with a paper and pen in hand
or if you’re a good typist, your computer in front of you and a page you can write on, open.

Then just breathe. Close your eyes. Fall into the music. And when you come up, tell us of your sub-surface Adventure.

As a friend of mine always signs off,

"Peace and Light".