Watch a one  year old child. They like some things. They don’t like others. They have no other opinion besides not liking or wanting something. Somewhere around or past 2 years old, the child begins to express judgement. Somewhere around the same time, the child has received his first Punishment. This quickly becomes a repetitive response to the child’s exploration into what the parents deem "forbidden" areas. Often for the child’s safety. But not always. Sometimes it’s for the parent’s safety. I know. I am one. We call this "teaching our children". The child begins to fear our punishment. Trust me. At first, no matter the temperament, they ALL do. Thus, we create the fears beyond the 2 we are born with: fear of falling and fear of loud noises. Both are necessary to survival as an infant in a myriad of ways. When we make a mistake, do our first "wrong" thing, we have no fear. By the second or third time, we have fear established. After a year of this, fear blossoms into unopened buds of: sibling rivalry, jealousy, envy, greed, judgmentalism (which is fine tuned all the way through high school), and perhaps, what is worse: the cry of "that’s not FAIR!" attitude that is exaggerated from it’s original knowing into a weapon as well as a wound.

We DO teach our children.

Would we like to review and begin to revise what we teach our children? I don’t believe there is a special circumstance we must fulfill in order to qualify for a review of the very roots of how we "govern" our people.