We do have the concept of this, but as is often the case, we’ve got it all sort of twisted around and inside out.



Anonymity is not a "secret" within a "group".

It is an unaccounted for bag of groceries on the doorstep.

Maybe just at the right time. Or maybe when we just bought groceries. Or maybe we won’t know who the bag is meant for, because we are stocked to the gills and our next neighbor is a whole plantation away.

No matter our perception, it doesn’t negate the anonymity of a gift just because we don’t know how it got there – it magnifies the gift it is. It is a mystery. It is kindness. Mystery and kindness are often present in matters of higher spiritual experience.

Put that concept together with your nick and password.  The nick is the anonymity. The password is where it gets all mixed up with fear and control and ownership. The mysterious kindness that anonymity can give is here and it’s available. Open Source is a good example. The gift of Anonymity invites a gift back. Gratitude is fine, but passing a gift along oneself is the Goal.

May you flow with life, my friend.