I just realized yesterday that WE are the little fish!




Remember the story of the little fish that swam all the oceans of the world looking for water? If you know it, remember it. If you didn’t know it, think on it. 

He couldn’t find water because it was as invisible to him as the air we breathe is to us. In ancient times, the air we breathe was considered our very spirit, our essence, our Life. We think: the Real Problem is Them. Or, if we’re more self-effacing, we think the Real Problem is "Me". If religious, we have deities we believe in (as hard to see as air) whom we see as in "control".  

The problem is, we don’t recognize water because it is everything. Always. In concert.

It is why we sense another level in music: call it deeper, higher, or "can’t find the words" but we can agree it feels other-worldly at times. Music feels deeper or higher than any other form of communication and is always in "concert." The best concert is one in which each and every instrument is "in tune" (interesting phrase) with each and every other instrument. The effect is transcending at the least; transforming at the outer reaches. We are drawn to music because we find it beautiful or uplifting; powerful with solidarity or we vibrate on the same wavelength and just "feel" it. Solidarity is many of the same mind and heart cooperating to bring about that which they could not do separately. It is coalescing.

In order for us to define (dictionary definition) of "give", we simply point out that it LACKS expectation of compensation. To define "take" appears to take much more effort, as follows: "to get into one’s possession or control by force or artifice: ‘took the bone from the snarling dog’. " In our very language we must use, at minimum, TWO words, (not ONE, which you could look up in the dictionary) to express "give freely". If we want to improve (sometimes referred to as "evolve") we must embrace giving freely as a replacement for "give and take". I would go further beyond our concept of give and take.

I would suggest that our richest experience must be to give freely. Always.