I’ll never see Europe.

But then, I knew that

when all it took to land me

on Welfare

was getting pregnant

by an abusive male

(No, I wouldn’t call him a "Man")

I knew, looking at my baby

alone, his only constant parent.

I knew, because getting to the store

for milk at 11 pm

was an undertaking

often too big

to warrant the effort.


See, when you are a single parent

your children go with you


Except work or school hours, when you

pay a sitter to watch them.

If you tried to take them with you

to work or school

you would either be fired

or failed.


Children are a full-time job.


So, why now, do I bring up

the well-established fact

                   that I will never see Europe?

Now, when my child is grown?


Because now my body is very ill

and vertigo, pain and fatigue are

  my constant companions.

   And the doctors here get away

     with being paid to do nothing.